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Gomasio: the Healthy Salt Alternative!

If you like the sass that is salt flavoring in your food but want to make healthier choices, Gomasio is your healthy salt alternative!

As a long-time, self-confessed condiment queen, my pantry and refrigerator offer quite the array of various food enhancers and garnishes for crunch, spice, sass, saltiness, color, beauty, and nourishment. I am very much taken by food that looks lovely, inspires a wow response upon tasting, and is infused with as much nutrient density as possible. Gomasio, a combination of dulse (a mineral-rich sea vegetable) and sunflower or sesame seeds was introduced to me a few decades ago and fast became essential. The dulse hosts a healthy dose of iodine with a satisfying salty taste and the toasted seeds a delish nuttiness.

While consuming sea vegetables may seem frightful to some, combined with the toasted sunflower or sesame seeds and even those with the faintest of taste-buds are sure to love this healthy salt alternative.

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