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Spider Dip Bread Halloween

For a spooky dinner that doesn't scare the health out of you, this spider dip bread is just what Halloween ordered!

Holidays are coming. It’s time for parties and celebrations with delicious food. But who says it has to be unhealthy? It doesn’t have to be. You can make simple party foods that are delicious and healthy, like this bread spider. This bread spider can be used in any way that will benefit your celebration. You can shape it any way you desire. You could do a spider for Halloween or a Pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving or a Santa Claus for Christmas. The ideas are endless! You can put anything in the bowl. Hummus. Marinara sauce. Vegan ranch. You can even do a soup! So many options. The bread dough can be homemade or store bought.

I chose to use a whole wheat bread recipe. The whole wheat will help you feel fuller longer. It also has a lot of fiber and important B vitamins. Depending on what you put in the middle will also make it more beneficial for your health. Don’t wait long. Plan that party now!

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