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Garden Fresh Basil Pesto

Get your pesto on with garden fresh basil flavor for a dinner that wows!

Most everyone loves the familiar scent of fresh basil. It’s instantly recognizable and likely triggers visions of a steaming plate of fresh, home-made pasta or perhaps a wood-oven pizza. Making your own pesto is so easy and in my view an essential to have on hand. This take on the endless versions that can be made is dairy-free leaving the option to add the proverbial Parmesan at the eater’s whim. I love it as is and suggest you make a large batch and freeze in small containers of a few ounces each or in an ice cube tray, so you have a cache on hand. Even just a little pesto adds a wallop of flavor and can elevate your meal to a wow status. That’s how I love to eat: wowed!

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