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Vegan Tortilla Soup Fiesta

Get your fiesta on with this party in your mouth vegan tortilla soup! Everything healthy and flavor that tastes like a parade!

This recipe for vegan tortilla soup is a little labor intensive, but think of it as a labor of love. It will be well worth the effort. Aside from being incredibly savory and nutritious, tortilla soup is great for a cold, blustery winter day when the soups is served hot but is just as good during the summer if served cooled!

Thanks to the variety of vegetables, one bowl of this soup will supply you with immense health benefits: boosts immune system (vitamin C and antioxidants), improves heart heath (good fats), lowers cholesterol, improves liver function and detoxification, improves digestion (fiber and electrolytes), helps fight inflammation and oxidative stress(vitamin C), helps balance thyroid and adrenal function (polyphenols), maintains eye health (vitamin c, manganese, beta carotene), and increases energy levels and metabolism (b vitamins). Let’s get started!

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