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Cooling Off with Watermelon Soup

Summer just got real with this watermelon soup that is cool, refreshing, and filled with sweetness that feels a little sinful. Use the big spoon.

When you visit the grocery store, you typically notice two types of watermelon: seeded and seedless. But did you know there are over 1200 varieties grown throughout the world? That’s a lotta melon! The selections are nearly endless: seeded or seedless, three-pound mini melons up to record-breaking 250-pounders, red, yellow, pink, orange. With any of these options, you also get some pretty great benefits—watermelons are about 92% water (think hydration!), contain the antioxidant lycopene (which may boost your sun-screening power), and they’re cholesterol-free, fat-free, and sodium-free. No matter which type you’re eating, one thing is common to all of them: their sweet, thirst-quenching meat is perfect for summertime and early fall enjoyment. My chilled soup combines the melon with sweet wine, grapes, raisins and a mint topper—summertime 2.0!

This recipe calls for seedless, ruby red watermelon—but feel free to experiment! Just note that different cultivars will alter the taste. I don’t recommend changing up the seedless part, though; it’s best to avoid the bitterness that results after seeds are pureed by the blender. (If you must buy seeded melon, my recommendation would be to remove those kernels before whipping up your soup.)

To amp up the natural sweetness of the melon, we’re using a couple of sweeteners: sweet wine and coconut nectar. If you choose not to use wine, try substituting kombucha instead or white grape juice. You may also choose to substitute agave nectar or something similar for the coconut nectar if you want, but don’t stray too far—use of maple syrup, honey, or a similar sweetener would change the flavor of the dish significantly and is not recommended.

Remember to add your mint last, so it doesn’t infuse too long and overshadow the delicate watermelon flavor in the soup.

One last tip: Watermelon Soup is best consumed the same day it’s made.

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