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Summer Drinks and Pink Ginger Lemonade

Hot summer days beg for cool and refreshing drinks. They just go hand in hand. All the reasons why combined with the recipe for Pink Ginger Lemonade

It’s vital that you are properly hydrated when the sun is beaming. Sometimes you actually don’t even realize you are thirsty until a big glass picture filled with water and lemon is put in front of you.

That is not always the choice people make to quench their thirst. Unfortunately, juices, sodas, lattes and other high sugared, empty calorie drinks filled with artificial flavors and even aspartame are just too readily available.

If you want to curb this completely, get a hold of a just a few simple ingredients to make your own homemade summer refreshments:

Here are a few reasons why:

They are refreshing, easy and can be kept in your fridge

They will be full of natural ingredients and flavors (choose from either steeping some herbal tea and chilling it, adding mint, lemon, honey, ginger.

- Fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes slices added to water make an amazingly simple drink with natural sugars. You can even put this into your water bottle for when you are on the go.

Learn What to Avoid and how to Change Things Up!

Colors: from sports drinks, juices – they are full of artificial dyes and other preservatives.

Instead, choose a drink that is 100% natural from fruit, or use your own fruit purees! Raspberries, strawberries, and beets – make incredible ruby red drinks that are amazing for the playing field!

Fizzy Beverages Such as Sodas: not only are they filled with calories and syrups, but they can actually dehydrate you

Instead choose filtered, flat or spring water instead and add in mint or ginger for something refreshing and different. You can even opt for homemade kombucha or water kefir and flavor these your own way.

Added Sugars: (such as glucose, fructose, corn syrup), which just means added empty calories!

Instead choose natural sweeteners if necessary such as honey, maple syrup or from fruit.

Cream or Milk-Based Beverages: loaded with poor quality fat and often lots of sugar.

Instead, if you are feeling like something thick and creamy, make a smoothie or have one made with pure ingredients by using coconut milk, almond milk or hempseed milk. Any latte can be made with these instead and taste even more delicious!

Here is my favorite summer beverage. I keep this in pitchers in the fridge all summer long! It’s an excellent summer refresher and also makes a hydrating morning beverage.

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