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19 Healthy Ways to Pamper Yourself this Mother’s Day

Give yourself a little time and relaxation and pamper yourself this week with one or a few of these 19 activities.

Mother’s Day is all about you, as well it should be. What you do helps the world in a million ways most people never see, but we’ve noticed and we’re happy to help you enjoy your day in a healthy way.

1. Indulge

You probably weren’t expecting this one in an article about health, but indulgence has its place in even the healthiest of lifestyles. Treating yourself occasionally can make it easier to go without. So give in to a touch of decadence today. You’ve earned it. Dark chocolate is a fairly healthy approach, if you’re looking for a jumping off point.

2. Meditate

Meditation can help you release stress, relax, and feel more centered. Use it often, but especially this weekend. Take a moment to sit, breathe deeply, and find yourself.

3. Read

Books are wonderful escapes that transport you to other worlds while quietly making you smarter and improving empathy. A satisfying book can release endorphins, relieve stress, and leave you content for days. Pick up your favorite and enjoy one without guilt.

4. Dress Down

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to dress in your most comfortable clothes, skip the makeup, and just enjoy being your natural self.dinner_couple_candlelight_wine_candles_love_romance_private_pic

5. Dress Up

If you don’t get to dress in your best clothes very often, then Mother’s Day is also the best time to get fancy, throw on your swankiest gear, and hit the fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

6. Sleep In

Sleep is an essential part of health. It’s the time that your body heals, detoxes, and gets ready for another day. Mothers tend to skip it more than they should. Take advantage of Mother’s Day to recharge your batteries and get a few extra winks. A nap may be on the menu too.

7. Hit the Gym

You probably don’t get to go as often as you would like. Go get a light to medium workout in and let those endorphins fly.

8. Sit at a Café

Sip some coffee or tea and enjoy the peaceful act of people watching. It’s soothing and fun.

family_yoga_mom_child_pose_mat_pic9. Do Some Yoga

Take a class this weekend and feel the energizing and relaxing effects of yoga, and yes, it can do both.

10. Go to a Movie

Much like a book, a good movie releases endorphins and relieves stress so you can go back to your next week with a little more armor and calm.

11. Sip Some Tea

Tea can be very good for the soul. Choose your favorite and enjoy a cup while sitting outside on your deck, in a hammock, or under a tree. Take a thermos to the park. Or just close your eyes at your kitchen table and enjoy the scent of it.

12. Listen to Music

Music is a powerful tool that can alter your mood, enliven your mind, and get you moving. Create an awesome station or playlist on your player and let the sounds roll over and through you. Don’t pick songs you think you should be listening to (like Classical), just pick songs you love from any genre. Your brain responds best to those.

relaxing_woman_bath_hot_tub_candles_bubbles_sleep_pic13. Take a Bath

Baths can be a great way to unwind and let the tensions of the day melt away in the hot water. Detox even more with the addition of Epsom salt and essential oils. I recommend lavender for its sweetly calming scent. Break out a few candles and turn down the lights for even more relaxation effect. There’s something about the soft, flickering flames that tap into the meditation part of our brains.

14. Get a Massage

Human touch has some powerful effects on our moods and well-being. Massages also get toxins moving out of tissue, loosen up stiff muscles, release stress, and they just feel great. Treat yourself to one.

15. Write

Writing is a good way to get things out and feel better. You don’t need to be typing out a novel. A simple journal, diary, letter, poem, or short story will do you wonders. Try writing the things you love about yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

16. Visit Those Who Get You

Call your best friend or visit her. Go hang out with a group of your favorite people. Sometimes you need a day away from those you love and those who love you to reconnect with those who truly get you deep down. Those friendships are important and they make you feel good, so make some time for them.

17. Laugh

Humor is good for your brain, body, and soul. Watch a funny movie, go to a comic club, watch silly videos online, tell some jokes to your kids, and laugh long and hard. It will make you feel alive and happy.

18. Go for a Walk

Nature is calling. A walk in the great outdoors lowers blood pressure, de-stresses, and is a great way to exercise. Take a walk down the block, go for a hike, or take a stroll along a park path.

19. Enjoy a Picnic

You have to eat; you may as well convince your kids and your significant other to treat you to a meal outside in the fresh air and sunlight.

What are some of your favorite healthy activities for Mother’s Day?

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