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5 Reasons You Need to Go Upside Down!

Use your head to strengthen your core, cure your headache, clear up your skin, and help you sleep at night!

In yoga, asanas are created for a reason to build self-awareness, patience, strength, balance, to cleanse organs, improve blood flow, and the list goes on. If you notice, especially in social media one of the most used asana will be shirshasana (headstand). Shirshasana also known as the king of asanas has numerous benefits. Here are 5 times you need to get yourself inverted for a few minutes.


One of the major reasons for a headache is lack of oxygen and blood flow to your upper body. Some of the causes can be due to stress, poor posture, a stiff neck; which cuts of oxygen and energy flow to your head, dehydration or poor food intake.

If you can get yourself to do a headstand for 2 minutes or longer, this would allow your blood to rush to your head; improving blood flow, allowing more energy to flow, activating brain cells and overall getting your system moving. If you have a bad neck or back pain, then use a wall for support.

Poor Skin

We all suffer from some kind of skin condition (on and off). Skin, being the largest organ of the body, is exposed to various pollutants, chemicals, makeup, stress, and more. Someone with a naturally glowing skin doesn’t achieve it overnight. It takes some maintenance and dedication.

One of the best ways to get you a fresh and glowing skin is by doing a headstand. When you have blood flowing to your head, it massages your facial muscles, improves skin elasticity, and provides more oxygen, which in turn makes you look more fresh and alive.


Many people suffer from anxiety, stress, depression due to high amounts of work, family issues, travel, and more. This all, in turn, leads to poor or no sleep. Studies have proven that even if a person is eating right and staying active but not getting a good 8-hour sleep on a daily basis is prone to diabetes, heart attacks, nerve damage and overall mental and physical damage.

Headstands are known to activate your adrenal glands, which are responsible for the production of stress hormones. Due to an increase in oxygen, flushing out of adrenal glands and increase in oxygen level will make you calm, relaxed, and will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Strength Builder

Just like every other asana, the headstand is known to build overall body strength; It improves core strength, and it makes your shoulder, forearms, and back muscle stronger. For people with a fear of heights and for those who are afraid to let go, this is a great way to challenge you mentally and physically.

Clear Thinking

Headstands are known to activate your hypothalamus and brain cells. Most of the unclear thinking and foggy feeling or even depression takes places due to poor functioning of your liver or adrenal/hypothalamus. Headstands are known to solve this problem by activating all organs and flushing out toxins and providing one with a clear head and more energy.

What are you waiting for? Get those legs up in the air and let the magic work itself.

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