The Benefits of Rice Protein Powder

There are many options out there to help us get extra protein. Whey, soy, pea, and rice are the more popular forms, but you will also find egg, hempseed, amaranth, chia, and even cranberry protein powders. Brown rice protein powder has a mountain of health and fitness benefits, several that it does not share with the others.

brown_rice_bowl_spoon_burlap_flowers_grain_healthy_picHypo-Allergenic – This is perhaps the biggest selling point for rice protein powder. It doesn’t contain the allergens that are typically found in whey and soy. Many individuals have allergic reactions from or intolerances to egg, dairy products like whey, and the estrogen-like compounds in soy. Brown rice allergies are extremely rare, making this protein powder perfect for just about anyone interested in improving their fitness level.

Vegetarian and Vegan – Brown rice protein is completely vegetarian and vegan. Many people interested in health and fitness, even non-vegans and non-vegetarians, strive to avoid animal products due to the allergens, concentration of toxins, unnecessary calories, and additional processing. Brown rice is low on the food chain and not highly processed like whey.

Digestibility – Brown rice is easily digested and the protein is highly bioavailable and absorbable. Whey can cause bloating, gas, cramping, and digestive discomfort while rice protein makes for a much more pleasant experience without these digestive issues.

Texture and Flavor – Rice protein is less chalky when compared to whey and less gritty when compared to soy and pea. The flavor is smoother, more familiar, and more pleasant than soy, whey, and pea for many people. The texture and flavor of rice also melds well with other protein powders when combined in blends.chocolate_protein_tubs_sunwarrior_classic_powder_brown_rice_pic

Muscle Growth and Recovery – Our muscles need plenty of protein to build and repair muscle tissue after workouts, and our protein demands climb as we exercise harder and more often. Rice protein powder is a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids our bodies require.

Fat Burning – Protein takes energy to break down and put to use. Protein rich foods like brown rice protein powder create a thermic effect where the body creates heat and burns more calories for hours after eating. Lean protein helps us more effectively manage our weight and lose unwanted fat.


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