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Plant-Based Athletes Secretly 'Don't Want To Give Away Their Advantage' [VIDEOS]

The Game Changers' producer, James Wilks revealed in an exclusive interview with Klaus Mitchell at Plant Based News that top-performing athletes are eating a plant-based diet because it gives them a competitive advantage.

plant-based athletes don't want to give away advantage

Klaus Mitchell sits down with The Game Changers' producer, James Wilks, in which James boldly says, "Joe Rogan Will Go Vegan". James and Klaus discuss various trending diets (paleo, keto, carnivore). He shares how people can get short-term gains from those diets, and how a plant-based lifestyle provides both short-term and long-term benefits. In the video below, James recommends new plant-based burgers, like the Beyond Burger, as good transitional options from animal proteins, and adds, "Eating whole plant foods is going to be optimal".

Of course, top-performing athletes who have seen the competitive advantage from plant-based foods aren't loading up on junk food. They're taking a scientific approach for their diets, assuring to get the best macro-nutrients and essential micro-nutrients.

"Eating whole plant foods is going to be optimal"
- James Wilks

Advantages Of Plant-Based

Many vegan and vegetarian athletes manage to build muscle—not just maintain muscle. You can compete and stay healthy without relying on animal products for protein, yet most people still think it is impossible to do so.

The meat and dairy industries have marketed their products to convince most of the country that there’s no way to get the protein, calcium, and nutrition you need without the animal products they sell. Don’t fall for their marketing tactics. Get those gains the cruelty-free way.

The greatest concern with plant-based eating is ensuring intake of a wide variety of nutrient-dense, fresh, clean foods including the essentials:

  • Essential amino acids
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins, minerals, trace minerals
  • Sufficient fiber (soluble and insoluble fiber)

Moving to a plant-based diet requires knowing how to access these necessary nutrients.

Seek out whole foods: Mother Nature’s perfect package! Whole foods contain varying amounts of our needed macro and micro nutrients.

Protein isn’t the magic bullet or the only thing you need to build muscle either. If it were, building muscle would be much easier and, with our large protein consumption, practically everyone would be muscular and fit. That isn’t the case. The body needs complex carbohydrates to fuel workouts, boost stamina, and supply the power source behind building and repairing muscle tissue. It also needs good fats to supply energy, control inflammation, and also aid in cellular repair. Then the body needs the right conditions to tear muscle before it can be built back up. That means plenty of intense exercise, cardio for lean muscle and strength training to build larger muscles.

While most concerns with vegans seem to center on accessing sufficient protein sources, it’s important to understand that the composition of all foods includes varying amounts of protein.

A protein that is rich in amino acids, is easily absorbable by the body, and contains Leucine has been shown to help you build muscle mass in the fastest and healthiest way. Some of these high-quality sources of protein include legumes, pulses, seeds, nuts, greens, ancient whole grains, and high quality, plant-sourced, organic, raw protein powders. Research reveals that food combining isn’t required to form complete proteins, you just need to be sure to consume a wide variety of plant based protein throughout your day.

Eating more calories is critical since an active body burns through fuel more effectively and more rapidly. If you want to build muscle, you need to eat more calories and more protein. Without the necessary nutrients, your body can’t repair your muscle to keep you going longer.

That Is Why Sunwarrior Was Started

Sunwarrior started as a 100% plant-based protein and superfood supplement company in 2008, with a mission to help others improve their health and make our planet more sustainable. The Sunwarrior founders saw the difference in their own energy, performance, and overall health by eating a plant-based diet. "We're excited to see more education be provided about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle", said co-founder Denley Fowlke. "We've seen the miraculous improvements in the lives of those who have suffered from chronic diseases, a lack of energy, and excessive weight gain."

"We're excited to see more education being provided about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle"

"In my late 30's and early 40's I began feeling the negative impact of animal protein from my body-building days in my 20's. That's when I turned back to the books I had read at 13 years old in my sister-in-law's book store from people like Paul Bragg." Nick Stern, co-founder.

Professional athletes are increasingly turning to a plant-based diet to increase their performance and give them a competitive edge. From tennis star Venus Williams to Formula 1’s Lewis Hamilton, meat-free athletes are already showing the power of a plant-based diet when it comes to performance levels.

There are several reasons why athletes are adopting a plant-based diet. A scientific review published in the journal Nutrients shows how athletes benefit from a plant-based in terms of heart health, endurance, and recovery.

Not only are pro-athletes like NFL and NBA players using the plant-based lifestyle as an advantage, but actors and musicians who have demanding schedules have also adopted plant-based as a competitive edge, while others have other reasons.

Article: The Many Reasons People Choose Plant-Based

The Game Changers is now on Netflix. Watch the trailer:

There are a number of reasons why people choose a plant-based lifestyle including:

  • A competitive edge
  • Your health
  • The environment
  • Love of animals

A well-planned plant-based diet that follows healthy guidelines and contains all the nutrients you need, allows you to thrive and feel amazing... and helps the animals and planet.

"The Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies; they are the trees and the plants and the seeds."
- Plato (428-347 BC)

Watch Famous Vegetarians [VIDEO]:

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