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Top Sprouts for Healing, Bodybuilding, and Energy

Sprout it from the mountaintops! For healing, bodybuilding, and energy these are the sprouts you should be eating!

Eating a living foods diet is uniquely different from the average American diet filled with fat and sugar. However, living foods are the foods that our body requires to maintain vitality, vigor and have an abundance of energy. Living foods help to fight and conquer disease and protect against premature aging. It is important to eat foods that are healing, nourishing and energizing. The living foods diet comprises of various food groups. One of the most important food groups to consume regularly on a living foods diet is sprouts. Sprouts are 10 to 30 times more nutritious than some of the best vegetable on the planet. Yes, that’s right! They surpass vegetables such as kale, collard greens, and mustard greens by 10 to 30 times more.

You can actually find thousands of nuts, seeds, grains, and beans to sprout and grow into edible micro greens that contain uniquely different properties. Sprouts can heal, build, and give the body plenty of energy.

Leafy Sprouts and Grasses

On the top of the sprout foodchain are wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts. These sprouts are superior to healing because they contain the most chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is powerfully important; it is the energy captured from the sun and transferred to energy on the earth. All life and energy come from the sun through the photosynthesis process in plants. To maintain a healthy life, promote longevity, and to battle and fight off disease, it makes sense to go to the most important sources of energy – Sprouts!

Sunflower Sprouts and Avocado Vinaigrette

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Wheatgrass is a very powerful green substance. Only 2 ounces has an equivalent of 3 pounds of vegetables. It not only helps our body heal, but the whole body also fills with energy. A very small amount gives you massive amounts of power and energy.

Sunflower sprouts, as well as wheatgrass, contain all essential amino acids in a perfect balance that are easy to digest and are readily available. They are excellent for building muscle and strength.

Also known as healing sprouts are high leafy greens such as clover, radish, chia, broccoli, onion, and garlic. These sprouts contain only half of the chlorophyll of sunflower and wheatgrass but are also good for healing purposes. Broccoli sprouts have been well researched and are found to contain the most significant anti-cancer agent. However, superior to broccoli sprouts are onion and garlic sprouts which have been found to actually kill off cancer cells because they contain sulfur compounds. In addition, clover sprouts are one of the best purifiers and cleansers of the blood because they help with liver function.

Sprouted Grains

When we think of grains, we immediately think of wheat, rice, oat, and barley. Although there is nothing wrong with these grains if eaten in their raw sprouted and organic form, they are not the most preferred in a living foods diet. The following 5 grains are far more superior for sprouting: millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, and teff.

These sprouts are very small and alkalizing to the body and extremely high in nutrition. This group of grains are bodybuilders and energy givers. These grains contain a high amount of protein, are very digestible, and are excellent for muscle building and repair.

One of the largest organs in our body is the brain. The brain is also the most important organ in the body because it controls all of the bodily functions and other organs. When we think energy, we think physical energy, but really the brain uses far more energy than our physical body. The brain is the most energy consuming organ and not only do sprouted grains help to strengthen the brain, but also improves memory as well.

Sprouted Beans

What is the first thing you think of when you think of beans? Gas, right? Beans have the most roughage of all foods and therefore can cause gas because your digestive system is not used to all the roughage. The good news is when you sprout beans you increase the digestibility of the bean and as a result: no gas. Beans contain a high source of carbohydrate and therefore provide lots of energy. In addition, beans contain low but high quality complete or close to complete protein. They also have a high quality but small amount of fat.

The best beans to sprout are mung and adzuki beans. Not only are these beans energy enhancers, but they are also full of minerals, have been known to aid with premature graying, balding, and to protect against prostate and breast cancer. The adzuki bean is also wonderful for kidney and bladder disorders.

There are virtually thousands of different seeds that can be grown into sprouts. Sprouts have been said to be a food that can save the world from hunger, starvation, malnourishment, and disease.

There are many different reasons and nutritional purposes for eating sprouts. Eat a variety of sprouts daily, and watch your body heal, build, and soar with energy over time.

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