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6 Ways to Eliminate that Evening Slump

Eliminate the evening slump of exhaustion with 6 tips that will keep you healthy and energized!

When five in the evening hits and the day is dying down, does your body feel the same way? Do you “hit the wall” so to speak? Early evening exhaustion ultimately makes people feel groggy and stressed about their at-home responsibilities. It leads people to eat more, drink more, and become lazy. Over time, this can cause individuals to become more stressed, overweight, and dissatisfied with themselves. However, there are ways to prevent this 5 PM crash and will leave you full of life, light, and energy.

After 8–9 hours of wonderful sleep, begin the day by feeding your brain all of the glucose it needs, and schedule frequent snacks that fuel your body throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a good bowl of oats or “proats” with vanilla Sunwarrior protein? These complex carbs and lean plant proteins will give your body the energy it needs to boost your metabolism and keep you charged throughout the day.

Don’t fixate on the negatives throughout the day or your super long to-do list. This will make you moan and groan and dive into destructive activities in order to “escape” life. After long, stressful days, many people tend to keep their minds stuck in a constant loop of negativity. This weighs down your load and leaves you feeling helpless and unproductive. Coming home from work doesn’t mean the day is over. There are ways to enjoy relaxation while doing positive activities.

Below are six ways to get your routine in check when you come home after a long, stressful day.

  1. The moment you slip those shoes off and throw your body on the couch, resist the tendency to open a bag of chips and turn the TV and/or computer on.
  2. Silence your phone and don’t dwell on the stresses of the day
  3. Focus intently on your positive activity: Grab a book, listen to a positive podcast or an encouraging word, or begin gathering your thoughts about what you may make for a healthy, nutritious dinner.
  4. A quick 15– 20-minute power nap or brisk walk can help your adrenal levels and wake you up, giving you a better frame of mind
  5. Eat a healthy dinner: minimize the sugar content and get in your complex carbs for a healthy boost of energy and of course, add in that lean protein.
  6. Take an Epsom salt bath, light some candles, and get to sleep early.

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