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Vegan Espresso Shake

Cool off and power up this summer with an icy vegan espresso shake! It’s where amazing and delicious party!

As the summer is rolling by, we crave drinks that are icy, cold, and refreshing. I am a big lover of all things coffee, so iced coffee is always my go-to drink. Some are simply coffee and nut milks, or some are blended. Here in Toronto, the mornings are not warm so having that morning cup of brew that is warm does that trick. Halfway through the day is another story completely. I always crave rich and cold drinks, but I know how bad they are for us nutritionally.

I went home one day and said to myself; “Let’s try to make this taste as good as the coffee shop, only healthier.” After one try, I landed on an amazing recipe that I use daily. The best part about this recipe is that it is guilt free and nutritionally fantastic for our bodies. So what’s in this magical shake?

The recipe is so simple. All you need to do is pop the ingredients into your blender, and one minute later you have a silky and scrumptious protein shake. I add a frozen banana, almond milk, Sunwarrior protein powder, 1 shot of espresso, and a tablespoon of maca. Maca is derived from a root vegetable. It is rich in antioxidants and helps to enhance our mood and energy. Maca totally beats out anything caffeine can do. I found that after an hour, my caffeine kick would die out and I was left tired and restless. I added the maca powder, and it helped me sustain a great amount of energy during the day without the burn and crash from too much coffee.

If you want to play around with the recipe, you can add some chocolate chips or cocoa powder to make this a mocha iced coffee. You can even add some fresh mint or mint extract to make this a mint coffee drink. Whatever you add, the end result will always end up being delicious.

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