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Vegan Strawberry Holiday Milk

Put the rosy color in Santa’s cheeks this Christmas with vegan strawberry milk! It’s easy, fun, and tastes like joy and peace on Earth.

Santa will be getting a big surprise this year when he sees his Christmas Eve treat has turned pink! As a child, I absolutely loved strawberry milk: sweet, filling and pink. That is what a girl’s dreams are made of. As the years progressed and I became vegan, I still craved that strawberry milk. Going back to the grocery store and looking at the nutritional information, I was floored. The amount of sugar and processed ingredients was shocking. I knew I could re-create my own version that would be healthier and taste way better.

For the base, I used a combination of both almond and cashews. Cashews are one of those super nuts that have so many health benefits. They not only help grow hair, keep bones healthy and strong, but they also help in digestion. Almonds are another super nut, boosting healthy fats, reducing blood sugar levels, and curbing your appetite.

Many people get nervous about making their own nut milk, but in all honesty, it is very simple. Blend, pour into a milk or cheesecloth, squeeze the liquid out and chill! Simple right? You can create the most delicious nut milks for the holidays using a variety of nuts. One of my favorites is using 2 cups of hazelnuts, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, ½ teaspoon nutmeg and 4 pitted Medjool dates. Follow the same directions, and you will have a nutty and spicy nut milk perfect for snow-filled nights.

These nut milks will last up to five days in the fridge in a sealed container. This recipe is perfect for the little ones.You can even add a little kick of health to it by including a scoop of Warrior Blend Berry protein.

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