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Raw Vegan Nanaimo Bars

A Canadian classic! Chewy chocolate base with a delectable creme filling and slathered with a chocolate coating, this is the dessert you've been waiting for!

These delicious treats originated in the Canadian Rockies in a town called Nanaimo in British Columbia. They are not only enjoyed in Canada but everywhere around the world, and there are good reasons for it! Super sweet and addictive, you will probably go for seconds and perhaps even thirds. This recipe swapped out many of the unhealthy and refined ingredients that go into these bars for more nutritious and health-conscious ingredients. Using only the best such as coconut oil, cashews, and dates, these bad boys are packed with essential nutrients, proteins, and minerals.

If you’ve never had a Nanaimo bar, the explanation would be such. Chewy chocolate base with a delectable creme filling. Typically slathered with some kind of chocolate coating or ganache. They are definitely a treat and can be quiet overtly sweet. This recipe uses dates, a vegan’s best friend. Not only are dates a natural form of sugar they also contain fiber which fills you up and helps with digestive problems. Hold up, a cookie bar that’s actually good for you? Shocking! These bars are ten times better than any store bought Nanaimo bars.

These bars are great any time of day, and since they contain all natural ingredients, they are guilt free (even at 4am).This recipe is gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, and 100 percent worthy of that second serving. They also freeze well. You can double the recipe, cut them into squares, pop them into a freezer safe container and voila! Dessert any time of year. If you wanted to spice up the recipe, you could add mint to the creme filling to create a mint chocolate Nanaimo bar which I make for the holidays. This is my homage to the Canadian classic, happy baking!

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