How to Bring Your Favorite Seasonal Memories to Life!


Sunwarrior limited edition pumpkin spice warrior blend protein seasonal holiday flavor

How do you bring your favorite seasonal memories to life? We've got a few ideas on how to make the most of the seasons.

Fall is so close you can hear the leaves crunching under your feet. The only thing that can make the season better is you sipping on a smoothie or wrapping your lips around a forkful of pancakes that tastes like your favorite seasonal memories. Many of our most treasured memories are found in our senses.  The warmth of Pumpkin Spice and of apple cider, the cool, crisp air, the smell of baked goods and everything else that feels like the contentment of home. Here are a few ways you can bring the holidays to life!

Participate in your favorite outdoor activities

Whether its crunching through the leaves, taking a hayride, picking the best pumpkin or Christmas tree,  or heading to the mountains for snow-shoeing, the outdoors is an amazing way to enjoy all the season has to offer. While you’re out, you can enjoy a drink that tastes as good as the memories you’re creating. Take a thermos of warm  Pumpkin Spice Warrior Blend or Peppermint Bark Collagen Builder mixed in your favorite nut milk.

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Bring the outdoors inside

Cut a few of your branches with some leaves that have already changed colors or a few branches off one of your evergreens and arrange them in a vase. Or bring in some mini pumpkins, gourds, or pinecones to arrange on your counter, mantle, or table.

Get in the kitchen!

Smell and taste can be like time-travel.  Pumpkin bread baking can transport you to kitchens of autumn past. Peppermint can convey you to the glitter and warmth of lights and fireplace glow. With the warmth of Pumpkin Spice Warrior Blend and the cool of Peppermint Bark Collagen builder, Sunwarrior is happy to be your time travel agent, taking you to your favorite memory destinations, and helping you create new memories.

Sunwarrior limited edition pumpkin spice warrior blend protein seasonal holiday flavor

Baking and creating seasonal fun is easy when you start with fantastic flavor. Give your health and taste buds a high five with Pumpkin Spice Warrior Blend. Spice up your smoothies, or mix it in for pumpkin pancakes, oatmeal, bread, or cookies for a fantastically fall flavor. And with our new Peppermint Bark flavor, you can create cool coffees, shivery shakes, and pepperminty pancakes!

Define your cozy

Is it snuggling with someone you love, or is it reading your favorite book while taking a warm bath? Maybe your cozy is a day of baking or movie marathons. Some people get outside to feel cozy as they take long winter walks or go sledding. A lot of people would consider themselves a mix-and-match kind of cozy. Whatever your cozy is, it pairs perfectly with the flavors of pumpkin spice and peppermint.

Sunwarrior limited edition pumpkin spice warrior blend protein seasonal holiday flavor

Get your new go-to winter accessory Peppermint Bark Collagen Builder now, and also try a walk in autumn with our Pumpkin Spice Warrior Blend because they’re only available for a limited time at Sunwarrior and you don’t want to miss out!

Sunwarrior limited edition pumpkin spice warrior blend protein seasonal holiday flavor


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