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5 Back-to-Real-Life Snacks That’ll Get You Through Real Life…

Get serious about snacking with these 5 real snacks that’ll get you through the life you want to live!

I love to load up on on-the-go containers. Because snacking, whether at school, on the trails, or in the office, is serious business.

Having healthy snacks on hand are what ensures that we don’t reach for the unhealthy snacks and what help keep our minds and bodies powering through our busy days. So here are 5 fresh, awesome, easy-to-pack healthy snacks that’ll help fuel you in the real world again!

Roasted Chickpeas

With just some draining and drying of your chickpeas, seasoning them in a bowl, and popping them into your oven, you can easily have one of the world’s best snacks! The versatility of these roasted beans isn’t the only perk of this snack -- although it’s definitely a big perk since you can flavor them sweet with cinnamon and coconut sugar, or you can flavor them salty with sea salt or even spicy with chili powder and cayenne. The hefty amount of protein and fiber in roasted chickpeas can really keep you feeling fueled for hours!

Crunchy chickpea recipe

Chia Pudding

If filling yourself up is what you’re after, chia pudding is the answer you’re seeking! This guy, which you can easily make in a portable jar the night before a work day, is jam-packed with fiber and protein, meaning you’ll have less room in your stomach to graze on unhealthy snacks around the office. And because this chia pudding is an energizing treat, you’ll have more gusto to write that great presentation or go get your sweat on at the gym after work!

Simple chia pudding recipe

Peanut or Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich Bites

Ain’t no shame in a makeshift sandwich game! If prepping slices of banana or chunks of apples with perfect smears of nut butter isn’t practical for traveling to work/school purposes, make little sandwich bites with your mouth! Pack up 2 tablespoons of nut butter in a little container, grab a banana or an apple and bite - smear, bite - smear until said fruit has vanished inside you and you’re feeling energized and satisfied and able to push through that 3:00 PM slump!

Try this cinnamon superfood protein nut butter

Avocado Toast

Avocados were just meant to be portable -- they come with their own carrying case! It really couldn’t be easier to pop an avocado in your briefcase or school bag and hop on off to work. It also couldn’t be easier to add a bag of whole grain crackers or rice cakes to your bag or briefcase, plus a fork and knife, so you can cut open the avocado, smash some up and smear it on crackers or rice cakes. Expect to feel full for hours thanks to avocado’s plethora of healthy fat and fiber.

Sol Good Bars

When you want all the good stuff, you can rely on healthy bars, which, if you’re relying on Sunwarrior’s Sol Good bars, is definitely the good stuff! What are you looking for in a bar? High in protein, low in sugar, and negligible in foreign ingredients. Check, check, and check with Sol Good Bars! I always have one (or a pack) by my desk for snacking emergencies!

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