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Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

It doesn’t have to be full of sugar to be sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are some ideas to give in to your cravings without actually caving.

I am the first one to admit it; I have a sweet tooth. As much as I try to hide it, it’s there, and it’s a part of me. There is no sense in denying or ignoring it. It’s been years since I have had white sugar, refined sugar or variations in between – the reason is simply that there are better and more natural alternatives available. So you don’t have to quit sugar completely, you just have to find better options. Believe it or not, you can make a satisfying dessert with only nuts, seeds, natural sweeteners, and fruit. There are many lower-sugar and vegan alternatives to a chocolate bar or chocolate cake.

Whether you want to purchase or create your own treats at home just make sure to choose raw and organic ingredients, here are some examples of indulging in sweet without feeling guilty:

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Not only does this completely natural, no-sugar-added pudding taste amazing, but also it is also extremely creamy from the avocado. Use raw cacao powder as it will give the pudding a rich chocolate flavor while also being filled with antioxidants. I recommend using a pure raw cacao powder that is vegan.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Ice cream in summer months (or any month) doesn’t need to be avoided for someone who avoids dairy. There are plenty of non-dairy alternative ice creams. Look for nut-based or coconut milk ice cream in the grocery store or health food store. These non-dairy ice creams are similar to your old favorites as they come in many flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and fancy ones with caramel swirls. You won’t be missing your ice cream with these!

If you prefer to make your own, a homemade ice cream option is to blend frozen bananas until they are a thick consistency. You can add superfoods like cacao, nut butters, coconut flakes, and other fruits to make it even more delicious.

Dark Chocolate

You only need a square or two of dark chocolate to satisfy that sweet monster. Choose dark chocolate that is at least 70-85% cocoa. Dark chocolate is very nutritious as it is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. When you choose the right one, you will kick those cravings to the curb. I advise keeping some chocolate on you at all times, as you never know where you will be and it’s the perfect fast food dessert and will help you steer away from temptation.

Protein or Energy Balls

Make protein-filled two-bite snack balls for an afternoon snack. They are great fuel for on-the-go and can be customized any way you like. Use dates to help them stick together and then put in your choice of nuts, seeds, goji berries, coconut flakes, fruit, or cacao. You can even whip together chocolate chip cookie dough protein balls made from rolled oats, dates, vanilla protein powder, natural almond butter, unsweetened almond milk, and mini dark chocolate chips. They will taste just like raw cookie dough!


Try making a sorbet that contains only three ingredients: fruit, sweetener (honey, maple syrup, coconut nectar), and lime juice. You can also use these ingredients and pour the mixture into a tray for a fresh and healthy Popsicle.

There you have it, healthier and easy treats that are completely vegan, plant-based and filled with nutrients that actually benefit your health.

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