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Vegan Truffle Mac & Cheese

Everybody’s trufflin’! Or maybe they are just lovin’ this incredible vegan mac & cheese recipe where flavor rules supreme and health is on the menu!

Who doesn’t love mac & cheese, right? But this creamy, cheesy and extremely comforting dish is the complete opposite of a healthy plant-based meal, and it’s not really the best option if we’re trying to watch what we’re putting on our plate. Well, with this recipe you can enjoy all the naughty sides of the beloved classic and still have a healthy vegan meal! The secret is in the genius “cheesy” sauce made of potatoes! Yes, you read it right, potatoes and yeast flakes with a little addition of the right spices make the best vegan ‘cheese’ out there, and it works perfectly as a substitution for a classic heavy cheese sauce. It’s not difficult to make, and I bet even the non-vegans you know are going to love it! I made it here with mushrooms and truffle oil for a little more sophisticated flavor but feel free to skip that if you prefer a more classic version or alternatively add some veg and swap the pasta for whole-wheat for a healthier version.

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