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Breakfast Time Anytime

Ever crave pancakes or oatmeal with cinnamon and apples after breakfast hours at your favorite restaurant? A new trend is emerging that allows you to order breakfast anytime!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now you can have it all day long. If you’re a breakfast lover, you’re in luck! Restaurants are putting breakfast on the menu no matter what time of day it might be. Offerings for breakfast treats have boosted sales and traffic, and breakfast foods have taken the starring role in the daily eating habits of people--an increasingly tasty strategy for restaurants.

The new menu trend--consumer demand for breakfast all day long is at an all-time high. Restaurants have been showing many signs of innovations with their breakfast menu recently. As these menu items are becoming bigtime sellers, more restaurants are starting to offer morning goodies all day and even all night. Offering sturdier breakfast foods with low-carbs and more protein, those who crave morning meals can get their proper nutrition at non-traditional times of the day. As this daylong staple trend continues to grow, it’s an awesome opportunity for many individuals to get creative with their breakfast foods all day long.

This new trend is beginning to go well beyond the big chains to all specialty and privately held restaurants. If restaurants can put in place systems to promote efficiency and create new menu items that fit into the “breakfast time anytime” concept, the rewards for those breakfast innovators this year could be greater than ever before.

Why is this good news for vegans and vegetarians?

It’s good news because there are so many wonderful breakfast options that are easy to make with a vegan or vegetarian twist! And if restaurants are paying attention, they can create specialty pancakes and steel cut oatmeal dishes that cater to the ever-growing vegan and vegetarian clientele and give those people in society greater opportunities to go out and enjoy a meal in the social environment of a restaurant. Sure, the salad is versatile and awesome and who doesn’t love a great salad? But sometimes, when you feel like you need something different, the extra variety on the menu increases your options to choose more and diversify your palate.

This is a trend to be on the lookout for if you’re interested in having a greater variety of foods to choose from on the menu.

Get to eating your favorite breakfast treats no matter the time!

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