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Green Smoothie Bowl

Pumpkin and St. Patrick’s Day? Yes, please! This green smoothie bowl will get you into the March spirit while providing you all the health and tasty happiness of a perfect smoothie.

Who said pumpkin can only be eaten in the fall? Personally, I love including pumpkin in my diet year-round. Pumpkin contains high amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. It is loaded with fiber, and it is a great thickener for smoothies and soups. Smoothie bowls are both delicious and nutritious, but it is important to be mindful – a lot of smoothie bowls are only a blend of high sugar fruits. This recipe gets your greens in with spinach, but you also get healthy fats from acai and avocado, and fiber from pumpkin. Once blended together, the toppings are endless!

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