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Protein Powered Creamsicles!

Nothing sucks about the summertime when you’re sucking on a creamsicle! And when that creamsicle is powered by delicious Sunwarrior Protein, it’s even better!

These creamsicles are homemade, packed with real ingredients, and even have some Sunwarrior plant-protein powder snuck into it, you can lick that popsicle by the pool knowing you’re just winning at life -- and at summer.

These creamsicles are laughably easy to make and noticeably delicious and will no doubt become a summer staple for your family (or yourself). And the best part is that it packs in REAL orange juice from REAL oranges, which means you’re getting the REAL health benefits of these super fruits, like being high in Vitamin C: which can help fight skin damage from the summertime sun and having lots of potassium which can help with replenishing our insides after our outsides sweat from the summertime sun. (Potassium’s also linked to lower blood pressure and stroke risk.)

Making these delightful creamsicle treats couldn’t be quicker: just blend five easy ingredients and freeze ‘em! Then try to exercise patience while they freeze!

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