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Put Your Spiralizer to Use: Curry, Coconut Lime, and Sesame Cucumber Zoodles

Zoodle your way into dinnertime magic! These three recipes of curry, coconut lime, and sesame cucumber will fill your dinnertime with the fantastic flavors dinner deserves!

Spiralized veggies are the new craze! You can find them in the grocery store and even on restaurant menus. However, if you invest in a spiralizer or zoodler, you can have homemade veggie noodles any night of the week for a fraction of the cost. Turning veggies into noodles is a great way to get a huge serving of vegetables without even realizing it! It’s also a great way to ensure that veggies are filling and fun if you are trying to feed kids. Here are 3 simple and easy recipes to try out your veggie noodling skills tonight!

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