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Chard, Lime & Mint Smoothie

Got yourself in a smoothie rut? Don’t drink the same old smoothie every day! Explore the fantastic flavor of this chard, lime, and mint smoothie that will add zing to your day!

Most of us have a go-to recipe, often using bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and the like for smoothies, but don’t be afraid to shake it up! Experimenting with ingredients like fresh greens, herbs, tropical fruits, and citrus can create flavor complexity and add an array of nutrients to the mix.

To make this blend a little less pedestrian, I’ve combined Swiss chard, fresh mint, lime, and kiwi—sounds like a salad, doesn’t it? Think of Swiss chard as a kale substitute with more fiber, protein, calcium, and (a lot more) iron. Add the freshness of mint, the tang of lime, and delicate sweet tart of kiwi: you’ve just pumped your average fruit smoothie up a level!

Struggle with that sweet tooth? Honeydew melon and a Medjool date (or two, if you’re inclined) is included in the recipe. Dates are loaded with good sugars to sweeten up life; plus their high fiber content will keep you satisfied longer, curbing the temptation to reach for less-healthy snacks.

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