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4 Quick and Easy Skin Beauty Tips

Be your most beautiful with these four quick and easy skin beauty tips. Since skin is your largest organ, it’s definitely one you want to be taking care of!

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. I am sure a lot of you take good care of your skin. But, many people use tons of makeup and skin lotions that are made up of unnatural substances and chemicals. Your skin absorbs anything and everything you apply to it. Anything applied to your skin gets directly carried on to your bloodstream and absorbed by all your cells. Using cheap or polluting products leads to dry skin, eczema, irritated skin, breakouts, and more. It is not enough to eat right and work out; we need to pay attention to all the details. Here are a few tips to keep your skin young, healthy, and fresh.

Tip 1

Stay clean. Washing your face upon waking up and before going to bed should be a ritual. This ritual will remove any excess oil, makeup, and pollutants. Keeping your skin clean allows your skin to breathe. But be careful with washing. Washing your skin way too often can leave it dry and itchy, while not washing at all can lead to oil buildup and cause breakouts and acne. Use soaps that do not irritate or damage your skin. Keep it simple and keep it balanced.

Tip 2

Wash your bedding. We change our clothes every day, and we change what we eat. But, we often forget to switch pillowcases and bed sheets on a regular basis. We often use the same pillowcases for a long time between washes. We drool on them, sweat on them, cry on them, and allow our pets and kids to jump and sleep all over them. We may be just sleeping on a pillow loaded with germs and bacteria that is now feeding on our skin. Do yourself a favor and change your bedding weekly. Or simply place a towel over your pillowcase if you really hate wrestling a pillow into its cover and change the towel out every few days. Small steps can go a long way.

Tip 3

Be naturally you. Yes, the most important one. No chemicals. No makeup. It is true that the most beautiful skin is the natural, unmasked one, the one that is just left to be the way it came. It is difficult not to get swayed by the million cosmetic options: the plumper lips, smoky eyes, eyelash extensions, and what not. But at the end of the day, it’s your skin, and it’s your duty to keep it healthy. While it’s fun to put on some makeup for a date night or a night out, it’s no fun to walk with layers of makeup and clay-like faces on a daily basis. It prevents your skin from breathing and clogs up pores that need to be open.

Keep your skin simple: wash with natural, organic soap, and apply a natural moisturizer; jojoba oil or coconut oil and go as basic as eyeliner or a natural lip balm if you feel you have to have something. Natural is simple and beautiful and just enough.

Tip 4

Last tip: Stay happy. Your mood reflects itself on your skin, body, and movements. Happiness must come from within you. Do not depend on finding your happiness outside of yourself. Focus on the positive things. Choose to let happiness shine from you. Stay happy and turn every frown upside down. By doing this, you will look beautiful inside out.

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