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Why Non-Vegans Choose Sunwarrior’s Plant-Based Protein Powders Over Whey

Sunwarrior is a 100% plant-based company that believes in the power of raw whole-foods, but we have conversations with people every day who aren’t vegan but believe that our protein powders are superior to all the rest.

Plant-based protein powders and superfood supplements are part of a healthy lifestyle. We realize that not everyone wants to go vegetarian or vegan, but our products are a great way that you can take personal responsibility for your own health and not rely on prescription drugs.

Here’s why non-vegans are choosing Sunwarrior’s plant-based protein powders over whey proteins:

  • You want to live a holistically healthy lifestyle
  • You realize aging is inevitable and refuse to rely on prescription drugs later on
  • You want a clean protein sourced from the best ingredients
  • You want to reduce your intake of meat and other animal products
  • You recognize the health problems associated with whey protein powders

You Want to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

You realize that you have to take personal responsibility for your health. Eating junk food every day isn’t going to help you with your physical or mental goals.

You’ll get tired more easily. You won’t be as productive. And you won’t perform at your best.

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential for your health. The people who live the happiest and most successful lives aren’t couch potatoes. They develop systems that allow them to perform at their best. You have to fuel your mind and body in all aspects.

You need a healthy mindset. Practicing meditation helps you focus on the now and gain mental clarity. Conscious breath is necessary to lower stress and anxiety, improve your athletic performance, and increase your energy levels. If you skip these, you’ll experience the consequences.

You want to keep your body healthy with exercise and build muscle to keep you lean and strong. A daily stretching routine keeps your muscles healthy, prevents injury, and lessens soreness.

A busy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can skip out on caring for your body’s needs.

A healthy diet requires the same kind of attention. Blindly eating ingredients that slow down your body’s digestion and increase your risk for disease isn’t smart. Your diet is a tool to keep you younger and healthier longer.

You Want to Prevent Disease

Every year, 735,000 people have a heart attack. The leading cause of these heart attacks is diet. Heavy meat consumption also means that you’re consuming a lot of cholesterol and saturated fats. These severely increase your risk for heart disease.

The second leading cause of death is colorectal cancer. For this year alone, 140,250 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Obesity, an inactive lifestyle, and eating red and processed meats throughout your lifetime are the foremost cause of developing this type of cancer.

Kidney failure or end-stage renal disease affects at least 650,000 people each year in the United States. The disease affects minority groups predominately and requires a kidney transplant or dialysis treatment for survival. Again, meat is a major cause of developing kidney disease.

Uric acid buildup is another thing to watch. Uric acid is the cause of gout. Goat, called the disease of kings, used to just affect 1% of the population. But now that eating rich, fatty, meat-heavy diets are easy and affordable, this disease currently affects 8.3 million people. High uric acid levels also leave you at a higher risk for stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Humans don’t have the ability to detoxify uric acid. This fact is great if you lived during the prehistoric era because uric acid helps you hold onto fat. However, in today’s age, we have food readily available.

Nick Stern, one of Sunwarrior’s co-founders actually experienced the effects of consuming too much animal protein when he developed a uric acid build up later in life. He currently uses a raw, plant-based diet to reduce uric acid.

It’s not just red meat that causes disease, though. Fish, which is often considered a nutritious choice for getting healthy Omega-3 fats, is full of mercury, pesticides, and dioxins. Ingestion of mercury has toxic effects on lung, kidney, immune, skin, and eye health.

We realize that not everyone wants to become a vegetarian or a vegan, but eating a predominately plant-based diet is essential for health and preventing disease.

Aging is inevitable. But … disease can be prevented.

You can limit your intake of animal products by replacing a meal with a plant-based protein smoothie or shake. Or, if you already use protein powders to boost your performance, try substituting your whey or casein protein powder with a plant-based protein powder. You’ll still get the same amount of protein but will limit your animal product consumption.

Another way to reduce your animal product consumption is to use whole-food plant-based vitamins. Sunwarrior’s Omega-3 supplement uses algae instead of fish since fish receive their Omega-3 from algae anyways.

The Side Effects of Whey Protein Powder

You may think that whey protein is safe and healthy to consume. You use it on a regular basis if you go to the gym often. Or maybe you like to use protein powders for breakfast.

Whey protein products could be doing more harm than good. Whey causes gastrointestinal issues, acne, and fatigue. Plus, there are alternatives that don’t have these side effects.

Digestive Problems

Whey’s primary side effect is digestive issues. These include bloating, gas, cramps, and even diarrhea. The cause of this side effect is usually lactose intolerance.

You might be thinking, “Well I’m not lactose intolerant, so using whey protein powder is fine.” However, 65% of the population worldwide experience a reduced capability to digest lactose. Many people just don’t realize that they have it.

In fact, 90% of people of East Asian descent are affected by lactose intolerance. Those of West African, Arab, Jewish, Greek, and Italian descent also have high rates of lactose intolerance.

A plant-based protein powder can help you get rid of your digestive problems. In fact, Sunwarrior’s protein powders are formulated for those with sensitive stomachs.

Whey Causes Acne

I actually experienced this one myself. I am highly sensitive to dairy. I used to use whey protein in shakes and eat a ton of dairy in general. For years, I couldn’t figure out why I always had cystic acne. I tried several different pills and creams. I even went on Accutane for seven months.

None of it worked. A year after I stopping Accutane, all the acne came back. Six months later, after I cut out all animal products, my acne went away. To this day, I rarely get acne unless I eat a lot of junk food.

There is a direct connection between whey protein powders and acne. Since whey comes from milk, this protein can cause acne. As the amount of dairy consumed has increased over the years, so have acne rates.

Acne affects over 50 million people in the US per year. Research agrees that milk causes acne. Milk naturally has growth hormones in it even if the milk is “hormone free.” It’s best to avoid dairy if you tend to get acne.

Fatigue and Weakness

You might use whey protein to boost your workouts, but it could be doing the opposite. Because whey isn’t easily digested, your body has to exert itself to break it down.

You’ll feel more sluggish because your body is having to expend energy just to break down your food. Plus, if your protein is causing you to bloat, you’re not going to feel your best.

Bad Ingredients

Many brands of whey protein contain harmful ingredients such as heavy metals, lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic. They also often have casein, gluten, dextrin, artificial sweeteners, skim milk powders, soy, vegetable oils and fats, thickeners and gums, and other fillers to drive down their cost to produce the product.

If you’re allergic to these ingredients, they can seriously harm your immune system. But, even if you aren’t necessarily allergic, all of these ingredients aren’t good for your body and can obstruct the digestion process.

When your body has a difficult time breaking down the food you put into your body, you’re at a higher risk for developing uric acid buildup and kidney disease because your body has to work in overdrive.

Choosing a protein with good ingredients that are easily digestible is essential to your health. Even if you decide to stick with a whey protein, make sure the ingredients listed are easy to read and nutritious.

Sunwarrior’s Products Are Clean

Maybe you aren’t allergic to whey. Maybe you just want a clean protein powder that has amazing ingredients. If you’re a health conscious person, you realize the power of eating clean.

Sunwarrior wanted to create products that they felt were safe for themselves and their family to use. We source from the finest plant-based ingredients. All of our products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and always test below EU, WHO, and FDA safety standards.

We want our products to be as close to nature as possible and take pride in making our products of the highest quality ingredients. We believe that a varied diet is the best diet. That’s why our protein powders come from several protein sources rather than just one.

Our Classic Plus protein is made up of pea protein, rice protein, chia seeds, quinoa, and amaranth. This variety gives you a balanced amino acid profile.

All of our proteins are also raw and undamaged by heat. That makes the protein easier for your body to absorb. Heat actually breaks the bonds that hold the twists and folds of protein together. This effect destroys many of the abilities of protein.

Heat can also cause cross bonding between proteins. Denatured chains will begin to randomly link to other chains. Cross-bound proteins are difficult to digest and can cause you to become bloated. Amino acids, as a result, are discarded as waste.

Many of the enzymes from whole foods help break down proteins during digestion and make vitamins and minerals more bioavailable, but cooking can destroy these benefits. That’s why we chose to make our protein powders raw.

In addition, we realized that several people with allergies have a hard time finding a protein powder. Our protein powders are gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan, and don’t contain any added sugars.

We’ve had several customers with gluten intolerance, asthma, lactose intolerance, and other allergies tell us that our protein powders are the only ones that they can consume.

We even refuse to use BPAs or BPSs in our packaging. BPA and BPS are used in plastics to keep powders from sticking to the surface.

However, this synthetic polymer can seriously harm our endocrine system and have been linked to obesity. Sunwarrior continuously chooses to avoid BPA and BPS. We’d rather have our protein powder stick to the sides of our tub and scoop than put your health at risk.

Warrior Blend

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