So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Vegan Funfetti Cupcakes (with a Sunwarrior Cameo!)

There is everything to love about a cupcake with the word fun in it, and that is why we are bringing you a healthier version of the funfetti cupcake!

My love for funfetti cupcakes runs deep. (I mean it’s a cupcake that has the word FUN literally IN IT!!!)

Growing up, my lucky mother got so much praise, because I’d jump for joy over my birthday funfetti cupcakes - without knowing they came from a box. (And she didn’t know that she was practically feeding me poison at the time, so I don’t hold that against her.)

But since I’ve grown up and started prioritizing the healthiness of the foods I put into my body, those sprinkle-packed cupcakes haven’t really been a thing. And my birthdays have been a little less fun because of it.

But this year on my birthday, I was determined to change that! By making funfetti cupcakes that actually are FUN – because they have sprinkles and because they don’t lead to bloating, blood sugar spikeage, or belly aches.

I use as little sugar as I could get away with without these really being muffins, I use spelt flour which is low in gluten and easy to digest, I add Sunwarrior plant protein to help with the blood sugar spike prevention, and I leave eggs, dairy, and butter out of the picture! And out of the cupcakes.

Trust me: these are funfetti cupcakes worth celebrating (with and for!).

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