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Importance of a Morning Routine

The way you begin your morning sets the tone for the remainder of the day. Setting a morning routine and sticking to it can improve efficiency, productivity, and boost your mood.

It can be easy to roll out of bed and jump right into work: looking at our phones, checking social media, and mulling over our running task list. This can be a pretty stressful way to start your day. However, beginning your morning with mindfulness carries that peaceful energy for the remainder of the day. We challenge you to start your day with self-care!

Remember that consistency is key to experience optimal benefits of your morning self-care practice. Think about what your ideal morning looks and feels like, then make a realistic and attainable plan you can commit to each day. If you need some inspiration to get started, I’ve shared my morning routine below.

Here’s what my morning routine looks like:


Upon waking, I drink a mix I like to call dirty water, which is water with a squeeze of lemon, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a drop of edible essential oil. Be sure you drink from a glass to avoid harmful toxins from the plastic!


I like to begin my day with sun salutations yoga flow. The sun represents the spiritual heart of the world and gazing at it energizes my soul. My sun salutations represent my gratitude for the sun, my breath, my body flowing in union into each new day. Physically, sun salutations lengthen, strengthen, and energize your entire body from head to toe. This moving meditation has the power to reduce stress, increase blood flow, and help you heal mentally, spiritually, and physically.


Taking a moment to center yourself before you tackle your task-list can greatly improve your mood and focus for the entire day. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, clear your mind, and focus on the present moment. Tap into your heart to remind yourself that a place of peace exists within always, and you can tap into at any time throughout the day should you need a moment to re-center. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, I suggest trying a guided meditation to help you relax.


I love having a smoothie a day! I wait to have my smoothie and any solid food until after my morning prayer practices to keep my spirit clear and focused. Once I’ve completed my meditations, I make a smoothie with frozen berries, bananas, fresh greens, and my favorite flavor of Sunwarrior protein.

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