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Molasses Ginger Cookies

A few things are great all year round, and molasses ginger cookies are definitely on the short list of great things!

They can be soft or crispy, but this particular recipe is soft, but oh so, delicious. And healthy! Win-win for all! These cookies can be made with all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour or even gluten-free flour. I made these with whole wheat flour, and they were delicious! You, or anyone eating them, won’t even know they were made with wheat. My five-year-old couldn’t get enough!

The wheat flour adds protein and fiber to these cookies. Wheat also has the essential vitamin folate. Coconut oil is heart healthy. It can help increase your HDL (good) cholesterol if eaten with a proper diet.

Break out that molasses and ginger and fill your house with smells of fresh-baked cookies. You won’t regret it!

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