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Beat the Bloat! Secret Nighttime Remedy!

Sleep like a baby! Go to bed feeling light and ready to rest without the bloated feeling that creeps in and steals quality sleep! Here is your secret weapon to beat the bloat!

One of my favorite evening activities is cozying up on the couch with a sweet treat (and a juxtaposing not-so-sweet something on the TV. Balance, baby!). But one of my least favorite things is being bloated or going to bed on an empty stomach. That’s why I came up with this warming bevvie, a tonic, if you will, that tastes like a naughty dessert but is anything but.

In fact, is also has lots of de-bloating powers so one could actually possibly justify that this is a magical, health-boosting, must-drink nightcap!

It’s got an all-star line-up of de-bloaters: ginger, a very famous stomach-soother, cinnamon, vanilla, which help with relaxation (a lovely antidote to bloating), and dates, a magnesium-rich plant that can help stimulate bowel movements and make that bloating begone!

Simply blend the following ingredients and then warm them in a saucepan on your stove for a guilt-free, gut-nourishing nightcap.

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