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Going Vegan the Right Way!

Doing yourself, and the world, a favor and going vegan might seem daunting, but with a little help from us, we can teach you how to go vegan the right way!

If you are vegan, thank you! If you are trying to become vegan or practice a bit of it, then thank you! Your reasons for the dietary change could be one or many: animal cruelty, weight loss, better environment, reducing the risk of diseases, or teaching empathy to your kids and family. Whatever your reason may be, it is remarkable that you’re choosing this path. Transitioning to veganism could be a challenge physically and emotionally. As your body and mind go through these changes, creating new habits, surrendering to the new process, and making right choices can be difficult. A common problem for anyone becoming vegetarian or vegan is they try to replace their meat with anything and everything. Here are some things which people do wrong and what you can do about it before it makes you the unhealthy vegan.

Protein Replacer

Plants, fruits, nuts, and seeds have a lot of protein. So, don’t replace your meat with cheese, fake meat, sugary foods, and more. Hold back on it. Have a portion of it every day if you please as a stepping-stone.

Replace your diet with 40% fruits 40% plants and 20% grains, nuts and seeds. If you’re just starting, keep your percentage of meats and dairy to a minimum.

Hunger Pangs

One of the common things that happens in any diet or lifestyle change is that your body craves your old habits and pushes you to eat what you are used to. Take a moment and question if you are really hungry. Have a glass of water or two and give it a few minutes. If you are still hungry, eat fruit and wait on it. Have your meal after that. If you consistently feel hungry, even after you feel like you have eaten a good amount, it simply means your body is readjusting the size of your stomach capacity. Once your mind and body are trained, you will no longer feel the constant hunger.

Mood Swings

As your mind and body try to adapt to the new lifestyle, you may have your own set of mental challenges. Constant hunger, craving meat, feeling irritated and more are some signs. Keep calm. Don’t panic. Take a few breaths to center yourself and remind yourself of the decision you’ve made and the benefits of that decision. You could go for a run or a walk just to re-wire your brain. Your mind will soon accept the changes and shall settle.

Protein Supplements

If you are physically active or working on gaining more muscle, and you’re worried about getting enough protein, try a plant-based protein supplement like Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend or Classic Plus! You will get your daily protein needs met and be able to keep your muscles in the shape that you’re used to.

There many vegan recipes that you can find online that can help you with the process. Sunwarrior’s Health Hub has tons of options to help you with meal plans that are tasty and fabulous!

Eat healthy. Stay active. Live happy!

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