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Considering a triathlon? Why Not Tri?

Think a triathlon isn’t in the cards for you? But it’s something you kinda want to do? Why not tri?

Am I dreaming? I feel like pinching myself. How have I come this far that I’m even considered to be a part of this team? Dream big, set goals, overcome fear and DO it.

I’m participated in the St George 70.3 IRONMAN© this year with two fellow Sunwarrior race team athletes. These aren’t just your average athletes. These two have been two of the most influential athletes for me since I moved to St. George four years ago. I am no stranger to triathlons, having done a few Olympics and plenty of sprint distances in a variety of states I’ve lived in. I used to attend a triathlon class up by Seattle every Tuesday, and along with other classmates, I dreamt big dreams of an IRONMAN one day. At the time, I didn’t really think it would happen.

Fast forward to my first year in St George. I was sitting in the front row of Steve Olsen’s spin class on a December morning, completely motivated. In his class, he often played clips of motivational speakers that brings a deeper reason for pushing your body to your limits. One of the clips talked about dreams not just happening; you have to MAKE them happen. Don’t wait, tackle it, NOW. Steve set the stage and provided the atmosphere for me to dream big in that class. I came home, dropped on the chair by my husband and said, “I think I’m going to sign up for the IRONMAN next year.” I was amazed at what was coming out of my mouth. I didn’t have a bike, a wetsuit, a tri suit, and hadn’t been swimming. But I wanted to make my dreams happen, and they wouldn’t unless I made them happen and took a chance on myself. I signed up, thanks to Steve’s class giving me the push over the edge. Years later, he’s never stopped motivating me during spin class.

Within the first year of moving to St. George, I began hearing about this amazing Amber Green, who would win races with such amazing times! I never saw or met her since I was always in the same races, somewhere way behind her. As a runner myself, I was star struck when I first met Amber. She was not only an amazing runner, but a mom of three boys (like myself), a humble and very sweet person with strong values and an amazing story of how she’s improved, overcome, and succeeded in running. Watching her qualify for the Olympic trials and compete on such an amazing stage was incredible. She’s the type of athlete you love to cheer for. She’s inspired and has motivated me to become a better runner, and most importantly, to be cheerful and optimistic.

Here I am, three years later with three 70.3 IRONMAN’s completed and with one full IRONMAN done. I’ve podiumed a handful of local triathlons on the same team with the very athletes that gave me the motivation and inspiration to dream big enough to take action and go for it in the first place. I am forever grateful for the athletes on the Sunwarrior Race Team who show up, day after day, training and working towards their goals with such passion and discipline while juggling daily life.

Thanks to Sunwarrior for providing top notch products to help me train day in and day out and push myself to the level I want to be. I discovered I wasn’t dreaming the moment my face dropped in that 60-degree water in the beautiful Sand Hollow reservoir!

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