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To Whom it Concerns,

Last week we received a letter from a valued friend who felt motivated to take the time and actually pen and mail his feelings of appreciation to us. This friend writes:

I felt inspired to write you a letter to express how excited I am about your vegan protein products (particularly the vanilla protein powder). For years I've been using synthetic whey protein and always felt I had to go to extreme measures just to cover up the taste. Sunwarrior protein doesn't taste like an artificial addition to my shake. It tastes like it belongs there. And every time I drink it, I know I'm putting something easily digestible and good for me into my body rather than whey, which reels like an unnatural bi-product of a bi-product of a bi-product.

So thank you for distributing such fantastic products. I look forward to trying other Sunwarrior products soon!



Ryan, thank you for sending us this letter. We fully appreciate the time and effort it takes to make this personal touch. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to bring people the food for energy and vegan supplements they need in order to be healthy and we're glad to be of some help to you and others.

We thank all our Warrior friends for their support.



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