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My soul sings when I am fueled by living food. Life begets life. I began to notice the changes within me about 3 weeks after going raw. I felt cleaner, happier, and so much more grateful for the good things in my life. I was joyous.For the first time in my life, I actually had tears of joy for no apparent reason. I would just start crying because I felt so amazing inside and felt so fortunate to have so many positive things going on. Never had I felt this way when I was eating cooked foods. I felt opened my soul was exposed and shining to the world. This was both exciting and alarming to me, because I had never experienced such a thing.These are heavy words to use, but I assure you that these statements are totally true. When I would go back to eating processed foods, I would somehow feel low again. Maybe it was mind-body, but I was amazed at the difference. I am hooked for life: the natural high is just too good to let go. I believe deep down to my core that a diet rich in live foods and reconnecting with nature is the best way to fight sadness. Reconnecting with the life-force of nature just provides too many good things to be happy about, so feeling depressed is simply no longer an option.Learn more about Anthony Anderson"

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