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Here's the hilarious or inspirational quotes you've seen on our Facebook page.

What would you say?

"I eat a lot of Zero bars. dangit."

"I believe exercise is a primary way to signal our bodies' own internal pharmacy to serve up a dose of health...whatever we may currently need."

Just keep on keeping on.

"Name the greatest of all inventors. Accident." Mark Twain

I dream to wake up with inspiration and motivation for being the greatest good and spreading it like a virus!!!

Great news for the snails!!

"Take pride in yourself, forgive yourself for mistakes you make, have compassion for others, and believe!"

"I'm celebrating being loved!"

Friends named Will available for extra strength.

What humor have you seen today? "Me in the mirror."

If you live in the present moment, and make the most of the moment, then healthy habits are easier...

I left a trail through a really steep, thorny scramble. But i got to the top!

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