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What is a Quack?

Many, but not all, allopathic doctors despise natural means of health and healing. But ignoring a truth doesn’t make it go away and doesn’t make it any less real. Truth has a power of its own, breaking through the bounds placed upon it over and over again throughout history.

Our planet is not flat. The universe does not revolve around the Earth. These are truths that were held suspect when proposed. Galileo was sentenced as a heretic for daring to propose the Earth moved around the sun. Since his time we have made huge leaps in scientific discovery, each generation uncovering the flaws and defects in previous theories as truth broke free.

Over time, as more and more people see beyond current beliefs and what they have been told, truth becomes a force that cannot be overlooked any longer. This applies to medicine and health as well. The modern age of medicine was born from thousands of years of relying on food, herbs, and nutrition. But as synthesized drugs, antibiotics, and new surgeries grew in popularity, they began to discredit the old traditions. This, in many ways, was a good thing. We made some amazing strides in science during this time, but this doesn’t mean everything that came before was without merit.

The leech is a good example. It was used in medicine for thousands of years to clean the blood near infections and wounds that were highly inflamed. This practice grew in popularity until leeches became a cure-all for any ill. Modern medicine rose and leeches were discredited, relegated back to the swamps to be forgotten as a dark time in history. Recently, they have made a comeback. Leeches are being used in hospitals once more. Turns out they do an excellent job of encouraging clean blood flow to reattached limbs, fingers, and skin grafts. This is exactly what ancient Greeks knew well before antibiotics and synthetic blood thinners existed.

Truth is a power to be reckoned with and will set you free if you let it. Most allopathic doctors call those who still believe in some of the old medicines, the natural food given to us by the plants around us, quacks. In the 1999 edition of Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease (page 1753), several tips were shared in how to detect a quack. It’s actually quite comical how much perception has changed in just over ten years as people begin to see past the veil modern medicine has placed over our eyes. Here, let me share these tips to detect a quack. I may get a little sarcastic at times in my responses, but it’s definitely called for. A quack says the following:

  • Quacks claim that most Americans are poorly nourished.
    • Yes, just look at our healthy population. We are definitely getting enough food as obesity is everywhere. We must be getting all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants along with those calories, right?
  • Quacks say most diseases are due to faulty diet and can be treated with nutritional methods.
    • What could be wrong with our fast food junk diet? There’s no way what and how we eat could contribute to illnesses. I mean heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and obesity must all have nothing to do with what we eat.
  • Quacks say that modern processing and storage methods remove all the nutritive value from our food.
    • A Twinkie can stay intact for a year or longer. The bran is removed from grains that are then soaked in chlorine or peroxide to make them look prettier. Plenty of nutritional value there, right? That’s good enough for my body.
  • Quacks claim that diet is a major factor in behavior.
    • ADD or ADHD is a drug deficiency problem. Haven’t behavioral conditions been linked to some of the toxic chemicals found in modern food packaging and plastics? Must not have.
  • Quacks believe that fluoridation is dangerous.
    • Has anybody read what fluoride does to the body and brain? So what if it leads to deformation of bones, streaks or pits tooth enamel, builds up around the pineal gland, or that Harvard just did a study that shows it lowers IQ? They say it’s still good for my teeth, so we should risk it, right?
  • Quacks claim that soil depletion, the use of pesticides, and chemical fertilizers have made our food less safe and less nourishing.
    • My goodness, how could the quality of the soil affect the plant? It barely relies on its root systems, really, so soil doesn’t matter.
  • Quacks claim that food additives and preservatives can be poisonous and dangerous.
    • What could possibly be wrong with Red Dye #2, acetaldehyde, biphenol-A, or silicone in chicken? These sound safe to me.
  • Quacks claim that natural vitamins are better than synthetic ones.
    • What? Synthetic vitamins derived from coal tar aren’t healthy? Who wants vitamins in the same form nature makes them anyway? Give me the slightly different vitamins along with the side effects.
  • Quacks believe that the answer to a health problem is returning to nature.
    • Such as fresh air, pure water, plenty of sunshine, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the use of herbs, homeopathic medicines, natural vitamins and minerals, proper rest, and exercise. I don’t know. That seems too complicated. Most people won’t do that. Let’s just give me a pill (or a dozen)!
  • Quacks have been a burr under the saddle of allopathic doctors from day one.
    • Oh wait a minute! Quacks, or Naturopathic doctors, have been around since the beginning of time. It’s the allopathic, western doctors, who have only been around for about 200 years! Who’s the burr and who’s the saddle?

Don’t just listen to what you are told. Do the research yourself and seek out the truth. There’s much more to nutrition than sustaining us with a certain amount of calories while pills keep us healthy. How did humans survive thousands of years without modern medicine if that was the case? Nutrition, natural foods, and herbs have been key to keeping us running, jumping, climbing, hunting, gathering, and resisting illness since the first human set foot on Earth. Modern medicine has its place, but it does not trump all of humanity’s history. That is the truth.

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