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Literally the Breakfast of Champions!

I don’t think there’s a man out there that doesn’t sometimes thrill at the thought of being a Spartan or Gladiator. Women too—I’m sure that many thrill at the idea of competition and showing their strength. Granted, our idea of life as a Gladiator or Spartan may be somewhat skewed to a more glorious ideal than they were in reality, but that’s really beside the point. Almost every one of us from age 3 to 103 feels a strong drive to win or believes deep down that we could transform ourselves into a true champion or warrior.

The Gladiator days are long past—probably fortunately—for anyone insane enough to actually aspire to this profession. However, we have found numerous acceptable substitutes in the form of athletics. Ultimate blood sacrifice in order to gain the title of champion is no longer requisite, but the physical demands are still rigorous. Today’s champions have to discipline their bodies every bit as hard as their ancient predecessors. If you are what you eat, then perhaps to be a Gladiator you should eat like one.

Gladiators ate barley, an ancient superfood used for thousands of years to boost performance, enhance immunity, and maintain endurance! Due to this diet, the ancient Gladiators were given the nickname “hordearii” meaning "men who eat barley". In ancient Rome, every Gladiator was required to eat a meal of barley each morning, as barley offered sustained energy and long-lasting endurance to fuel their intense competitions. Modern research shows that the complex carbohydrates in barley break down slowly, providing a steady and sustained supply of energy without rapid increases in blood sugar. Barley may have also strengthened the Gladiators’ immunity and boosted heart health, enabling these warriors to recover more quickly from their strenuous efforts. Increased strength over long hours of continuous activity plus heightened powers of immunity define the larger than life character of ancient Gladiators.

Sunwarrior Activated Barley offers the ultimate slow-burning carbohydrate and a steady supply of energy to the body, making it perfect for those looking to achieve their optimal weight. Activated Barley is ideal for athletes, body builders, and health enthusiasts requiring a steady source of energy for long workouts or periods of intense concentration and focus. Activated Barley takes the nutritional density of a staple food and elevates it to levels previously thought unattainable. We now have the ability to enhance the nutritional power of barley in ways that the Gladiators knew only by intuition. During the low temperature activation process, the energy of the barley seed is captured at the point of highest bio-activity, immediately before it sends out its first green leaves. At this stage, the barley seed is at its most energetic and contains the highest levels of enzymes. Capturing the energy of the sprouting process during this crucial window of opportunity opens up the potential for a phenomenal nutritional yield, increasing the availability of beta-glucans and other nutrients by up to 94%.

The beta-glucans in Sunwarrior Activated Barley may help to boost energy and endurance, support the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels, and soothe the digestive system. Beta-glucans are a highly purified polysaccharide molecule, composed almost entirely of the simple sugar glucose, easily transformed by the body into an energy source that can be stored by muscles, the liver, and other tissues. In addition to stabilizing blood and tissue glucose levels, beta-glucans like those found in Activated Barley may also trigger hormonal changes that result in reduced insulin resistance. All of these factors establish Activated Barley as an ideal food for low-glycemic diets.

Activated Barley may be an effective tool in controlling cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is naturally produced by the body to protect cells during replication. Scientists found that beta-glucans safely bind to oxidized cholesterol molecules, which are then expelled from the body.

Recent studies indicate that barley may offer major relief for those challenged by mild to moderate inflammation of the colon. Indeed, patients in many studies experienced relief of symptoms relatively quickly. And the nutritional content of Activated Barley is especially important for those who are challenged by impaired digestion, as it provides a readily available form of energy which is easy for the body to absorb. The reason for this is Activated Barley acts as a probiotic. This probiotic effect reduces mucosal damage of the walls of the colon, offering soothing relief and opening the door to increased nutrient absorption.

Now the benefits of Activated Barley are available to all those who are ready to release their inner warrior! The ancient Gladiators knew the secret and were immortalized as it fueled their battles. Now is your time to be the Gladiator you know you can be, powered by the same superfood.


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