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Katrine Volynsky

Katrine Volynsky is a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and a Raw Food Chef and Instructor whose creative flair and passion for Living Foods hasearned her a continent-wide client base. Formerly a high-performance track athlete and fashion model, she earned a finance degree from UBC and was accepted to a major Ivy League school but she instead embarked on a personal quest for Health and Wellness.

Her brief careers in finance and fashion left her personal well-being in crisis, compelling her to learn everything she could about health and wellness. Battling eating disorders, metabolic damage, heavy metal and radiation toxicity and an extreme case of anaemia, she began studying and experimenting with numerous western and holistic approaches. What she discovered was a health philosohy that combined natural foods, physical activity, detoxification and mental and spiritual discipline.

Katrine offers personalized health and lifestyle coaching and consultations that combine her knowledge of nutrition, detoxification, fitness training, food preparation and life skills coaching. She regularly holds Living Foods classes all over North America and contributes pieces for magazines on this rapidly-growing healthy lifestyle. She has consulted numerous restaurants and companies on Living Foods product line development and recipes. She has also been involved in supplement formulations in the fitness and weight loss market. Katrine published her first book Marvelous Metabolic Meals for the Muscle Mastery Course for natural bodybuilding, focused on meals for lean muscle gain. She is currently working on her second book, expected in late 2009.

Katrine Volynsky has Living Foods Nutritionist Certification with Institute of Advanced Health Sciences.



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