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Sunwarrior’s Raw Plant-Based Protein is not Denatured Food Energy

Dr. Craig Sommers just unveiled a new video on denatured protein that ties well into Sunwarrior’s mission and products, such as vegan protein smoothies. See it here and read on for more information on protein, Dr. Sommers, and Sunwarrior.

“Where does protein come from?” said Dr. Craig Sommers. “We learned in grade school a word called photosynthesis and we know that that’s where all the amino acids, the building blocks of protein are formed.”

Plants create amino acids by capturing sunlight and combining it with carbon absorbed from the air and hydrogen and nitrogen pulled from the soil. These amino acids can be essential, meaning humans cannot create them, or nonessential, which can synthesized by humans from the basic building blocks of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Even the nonessential amino acids humans make still rely on the original captured sunlight energy to fuel the process.

“When we eat low on the food chain, in other words the plant, it’s a superior, cleaner source of amino acids,” said Sommers. It makes sense to eat low on the food chain. Plant foods contain the purest forms of amino acids and captured solar energy at its peak. Animals may concentrate amino acids, but they also concentrate fats and cholesterol along with them. Animals can also accumulate heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, and other toxins.

“Cooking is not a good delivery system for protein,” continued Sommers. Heat denatures proteins, damaging them. Denatured proteins can also cross bind with other proteins, making them difficult to break down and absorb. Animal proteins, when exposed to the typical high heat of cooking, also create cancer causing compounds known as heterocyclic amines or HCAs.

Sunwarrior protein offers all essential amino acids in a balanced profile that is raw and not heavily processed. Warrior Blend combines the power of pea, hempseed, and cranberry protein along with medium chain triglycerides from coconut for added energy. Classic Protein uses the balanced nature of whole-grain brown rice that has been sprouted to maximize bioavailable nutrition and fermented to remove sugars.


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