How You Get Minerals

Nature has provided a simple way for you to get the right mineral solution: from plants. All minerals come from the earth's soil.  As plants grow, minerals are absorbed from dirt through their roots and are transformed inside the plant’s cells. Here minerals gain new life as they are plugged into organic compounds and altered in a way that allows our bodies utilize them. It is something magical, that these inorganic bits of metal and rock can become a living part of the plant. 

Plants are naturally rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. However, due to our modern farming methods, the plants you eat no longer always contain the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs!

Our soil is no longer healthy. The use of synthetic fertilizers, coupled with modern farming practices, has drained our soil of the valuable nutrients plants and humans need. So, the plants you eat no longer contain usable forms of the minerals your body craves.

As humans, the best way we can fully access minerals on a cellular level is through the consumption of plants. Ages ago people got all their minerals from the animals and plants they ate.

Today, due to the depletion of our soils, most doctors recommend taking a mineral supplement. Many mineral supplements contain colloidal minerals. These colloidal mineral supplements are made from rocks and metals and are inorganic, not easy absorbed or put to use by the body.  What is absorbed of these inorganic minerals is stored in your body's tissues, bones, and joints. Eventually large amounts build up, becoming extremely toxic.

Organic, or ionized, mineral supplements are more readily absorbed by your body. These living minerals are easier for your body to assimilate, useable at the cellular level.  Ionized minerals are not stored or deposited in the body either, making them much safer and healthful. 

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