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Move Your Body

Fresh air dilates air sacs and improves the cleansing action in the lungs. The stronger your lungs, the more vitality and power you have. Taking the breath of life is a true principle; walking in the open, clean air pumps and circulates more minerals and oxygen throughout your entire body to sooth your nerves, clear your mind, and concentrate your thoughts. Your thinking becomes clearer with the might of minerals.

Walking also alters serotonin in the brain to improve well-being and happiness. As you breathe deeply you also exhale impurities. This aids cellular metabolism and strengthens the immune system by supplying white blood cells with the oxygen they need. White blood cells then are empowered to kill and destroy bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Eating fresh living foods is only part of the picture. You must also exercise if you want the best utilization of nutrients within your cells. Physical fitness does not apply only to the muscular, athletic person, but is essential for nutrients to become activated throughout your body to nourish your muscles.

Exercise stimulates body tone, sending minerals to your muscles, skin, organs, blood vessels, glands, and every part of the body. Minerals are accelerated by exercise, speeding circulation to furnish more oxygen to the billions of cells in your body and helping them remove waste material. When minerals are stimulated by exercise they put the spark of life into the whole system, helping the lungs to breathe, the heart to pump, and the brain to think.

The faster minerals bring oxygen to your cells, the better you will feel. You come alive. Without exercise, minerals remain inert and lazy and so will you! You grow tired because these minerals are stuck and cannot be sent to flow throughout the body, resulting in a gradual deterioration of your entire body and mind. The saying “move it or lose it” holds more truth than you know.

Physically inactive people age earlier, die younger, and are more prone to backaches, ulcers, lung cancer, appendicitis, prostatic disorders, psychiatric illness, cirrhosis of the liver, and hemorrhoids. Death from coronary heart disease occurs twice as often among the physically inactive.

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