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Make Your Own Winter Mood Enhancing Essential Oil Blend

When it's chilly outside, it can get rather cool on the inside, too. And I don't mean just near a drafty window. Those shorter, cold days can lead to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) on mild and severe levels. Even mild depression can make daily chores and activities difficult, and it can certainly make finding joy harder, too. But instead of turning to pharmaceuticals, you can give essential oils a try to help enhance your mood and blast those winter blues.

Prescription anti-depressants are one of the fastest growing categories in the pharmaceutical industry. And while certain conditions may need the assistance of some drugs, more and more health seekers are turning to natural remedies for mild bouts of depression and anxiety, such as with SAD.

Essential oils are some of nature's most effective healers because their potent scents go directly to the brain once their fragrance enters the nose. They contain a wide array of phytochemicals that give your brain and body signals—be that to calm down, energize, or find balance.

This blend of essential oils can help provide an aromatic mood lift throughout the winter season or whenever you're feeling a bit blue. It's formulated as a spray, but you can also omit the water and simply smell your oil blend or dab a bit on wrists and neck.

A bit about the oils selected:

Sweet Orange: This oil is known for its calming properties. While that may seem counterintuitive for depression, it can help to relieve anxiety and bring more peace.

Bergamot: The uplifting citrus scent (you probably know it from Earl Grey tea, too) can help to release frustrations and aggravations as well as quell nervousness and frustration.

Neroli: The powerful fragrance of neroli can instantly calm the mind and heart. It's particularly effective at healing depression related to nervous and emotional exhaustion.

Lavender: Calming and relaxing, lavender soothes and reduces anxiety and stress levels.

Rose Otto: The beautiful, fragrant rose opens the heart and brings joy and calmness. It's incredibly balancing, too.

Frankincense: A meditative fragrance, frankincense can connect us with our higher selves, bringing perspective and self-acceptance to those challenging moments.

Clary Sage: Calming and balancing, clary sage is a great fragrance for women, especially if your cycle could be influencing your mood. It helps to balance and regulate the hormonal body while balancing and calming.

I recommend therapeutic grade essential oils such as Simplers brand, which can be found at local health food stores.

Mood Enhancing Essential Oil Blend


  • 1.5 ounces pure spring water
  • 2 oz glass spray bottle (you can find these at health-minded food or beauty stores, or repurpose one of your own)
  • 20 drops each: sweet orange, bergamot, neroli
  • 10 drops each: lavender, rose otto, frankincense, and clary sage
MethodFill spray bottle with spring water. There should be about a half-inch to an inch of space left at the top.Gently add your essential oils. Drops can come out fast, so be careful. (A few extra drops are ok.)Give the mixture a good shake and spray as needed. Lightly spritz your face for a pick up or just scent your room for a mood-enhancing burst.Learn more about Jill Ettinger

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