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9 Essential Oils to Get You in the Mood

valentines_day_romance_image There are all kinds of ways to get in the mood for love. From a romantic setting, music and chocolate to a fine bottle of Champagne. But one of the quickest (and calorie-free!) ways to spark a little fire is through the nose. That's right, scents and aromas can play a huge role in heightening your libido and passion. Essential oils—the pure essence of botanicals—can provide you with a healthy and stimulating sensual boost.

The sense of smell is a powerful one. What we breathe in through our noses goes straight to our brains, and the many compounds in pure essential oils can have a whole host of healthy effects on our bodies and minds.

When working with essential oils, try always to find therapeutic grade oils, such as the Simpler's brand. For a sexy blend, try mixing essential oils with a good massage carrier oil such as apricot kernel, sesame, or almond and giving your partner a sensual massage. You can also use an oil diffuser to keep the scents floating through the room, and nothing's more sensual than anointing your partner on key sacred spots with oils, like on the third eye, nape of the neck, navel—be careful putting pure essential oils down there as they can cause irritation.

Use any of these oils by themselves, or mix them together in a blend. A highly floral scent like neroli will work well with something a bit spicy, like ginger. Rose balances well with vanilla or sandalwood. Ylang ylang and cardamom are lovely together…but experiment and find your own favorite fragrant combinations!

1. Mandarin orange helps to calm and balance. Its fruity and sweet fragrance is energizing and inspiring.

2. Ylang ylang is exceptionally floral, making it sensual and heart opening.

9_essentials_oils_to_get_you_in_the_mood_pic3. Rose is of course, most often associated with love. And nothing captures this better than its pure, delicate fragrance. It calms and quiets the mind while opening the heart.

4. Cardamom's spicy sweetness can give you an energy boost and begin to awaken all of your senses (if you know what I mean).

5. Neroli is another potently floral oil. It's been known to release female tension and help women achieve orgasm. Neroli is incredibly sensual and powerful. A little goes a long way.

6. Lavender is a popular fragrance and for good reason, especially when it comes to lovemaking. It increases blood flow to the genitals and can help to calm nervous jitters.

7. Sandalwood can be particularly beneficial to men. The earthy, woodsy scent can enhance sensuality and calm your guy down for a more enduring session between the sheets.

8. Vanilla is so loved by men that some women have taken to wearing it as a perfume! Perhaps it reminds guys of mom in the kitchen baking. Or maybe it's just that vanilla's floral and sweet scent is so sensual that it makes us want to get naked.

9. Ginger essential oil is much sweeter than when in its full root state. It's still spicy though, too; and that makes it ideal for boosting energy and libido.

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