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Other Plants to Grow and Use

Aloe Vera – Useful in treating burns and skin abrasions. Taken the fresh gel internally may also help with pain, bacterial infections, indigestion, and in maintaining proper hydration.

Catnip – This plant does more than drive cats crazy. It has a calming effect on humans and can be made into a tea to help with anxiety, as a diuretic, or as a gentle laxative.

Chamomile – Another calming herb that can be made into tea for a safe way to combat insomnia, relax muscles, and combat depression and anxiety.

Dandelion – Commonly thought of as a weed. Dandelion is actually a valuable food with edible leaves, root, and flowers. They improve liver and kidney function and provide high levels of some important vitamins. Only use ones you grow yourself to make sure they are free of pesticides or pollutants.

Stevia – This plant grows well in many climates and the leaves can be eater fresh or dried for later use. They pair well with mint and can also be added to tea for a natural sweetness.

Wheatgrass – Wheatgrass is easy to grow and is rich in chlorophyll and nutrients that help cleanse the body of toxins. Juice it and add that juice to other beverages.

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