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Summer Berry Crisp

Become the creator of the party’s best dessert with this incredible berry crisp recipe! You can keep the fact that it’s healthy your secret.

Is there anything better than going to a party, plopping down a dessert, and watching as hordes of people attack the yummy goodness you created, while ignoring all the other goodies on the table? Well, the dessert itself might be a little better, but the feeling is still pretty darn good. If you’re looking for a staple dessert that you can take to any outing, picnic, or party, look no further. This summer berry crisp recipe from Talia of Party in My Plants {k9fvdzjg} is a definite crowd pleaser. Thankfully, this crisp is easy to make, and requires very few ingredients, which is obviously great news for you since you’ll be making it all the time!

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