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Protein Tropical Granola

Too tired to make an after-workout snack? Get ahead of the game by making a post-workout granola that will leave you with the satisfying crunch of a great reward.

Talia's Protein Tropical Granola

, the healthy nut in charge of the craziness of Party in my Plants, is hitting the kitchen to make you a delicious, fun, and tropical post-workout granola. No one wants to make food after a workout, or make anything really, apart from a massage appointment. Many people muster up the energy to manage a smoothie, but even the best smoothie can get a little boring after a few hundred workouts. So what’s a healthy, active, fit, protein-loving soul to do? Try making a protein rich granola ahead of time. Then you can snack away or eat it like cereal with nut milk to get that recovery started fast.

Knowing you have this treat waiting for you can also help push you through the tail end of your exercise when energy is normally flagging. You can do it!

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