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Do It Yourself Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Fill those Easter baskets with pure chocolate happiness that you made yourself (which means you get the bonus of knowing what goes into it)!

Easter is just around the corner, and is always a fun time of the year with its bright colors and fun flavors. It also marks the beginning of warm weather. And many people associate the holiday with candy--specifically chocolate.

However, most commercial chocolate is highly processed, full of excessive amounts of calories, sugar, and trans fats with zero nutritional value. Then again, not all chocolate is the same. These chocolate bunnies are made with raw, unprocessed chocolate. Quality cocoa is certainly a super-food that is full of powerful antioxidants and contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which is processed out of commercial chocolate.

That makes these bunnies a simple treat that your kids can have fun making. Hop on over to a craft store and purchase some cool, fun chocolate Easter moulds.

And make certain to use quality, organic Cocoa and ancient Sea Salt from Sunwarrior's Harvest Line so that you know your bunnies are made from the highest quality ingredients available.

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