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Chai Latte Overnight Oats

Are you crazy about oats? How about chai latte? If so then you are going to love the marriage of these two amazing things! Breakfast just got real!

Chai Latte Oats

Join Sunwarrior and the host of Party in My Plants, , as she puts her crazy effervescent personality to work for you making deliciousness a bigger part of your life. So watch and listen! Today, she’s covering your chai latte cravings with an overnight oat recipe, your morning superstar. Since Talia is crazy about overnight oats and crazy about chai lattes, she figured the combination would make the most perfect breakfast imaginable. She was right.
If you don’t already know, overnight oats are a healthy, easy, filling, digestible breakfast that makes itself. All you have to do is throw the ingredients into a jar, cup, or mug and pop it in the fridge for the night. They’ll be waiting for you to make up for that annoying alarm ruining your dreams. Let’s go make some already.

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