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Denley Fowlke

jan denley 2Denley Fowlke has been involved in the health field for over 30 years. Denley and his wife, Jan, helped their baby girls overcome a life threatening disease years ago, and now the girls are beautiful healthy mothers of five children each.

With health problems of his own, he has searched for answers to heal his own body and has found some very interesting facts that he loves to share with others. Denley learned that the answer to health issues lies in nature and most illness is simply poisons and toxins accumulated in the body over years of wrong dietary habits. Denley's motto is, “You are what you eat, or more likely, what you don't eliminate.”

Denley and Jan are former owners of a health food store in St. George, Utah and have been on a mostly raw-food diet for over ten years. Denley is a co-founder of Sunwarrior, has a passion for health, and loves to share his knowledge about the Sunwarrior way.


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