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What is Protein - Winning Comments

It was tough to narrow our selection to only five—there were so many good comments! Here are the winners from our "What is Protein?" video.


It's good enough for a monkey so it's good enough for me. But I didn't need a monkey to tell me that! I'm on my second bag and loving the way Sunwarrior blends into everything (from fruit smoothies to chili) wihtout being overpowering. Well, unless you count my newly found overpowering muscles! Natashavincet

My husband says I'd drink dirt with water if I thought it would be healthy. With Sunwarrior I don't have to choke down dirt (or those powders that taste like it). I actually love it, all the flavors lend themselves well to a great protein drink. My husband who is a diehard "it needs to be sweet, delicious, not gritter, not chewy" actually likes it too :)) YAY!! I win, it compares amazingly to the other stuff he's brought home (well actually surpasses in label comparisons).... Sunni Almond

I like how you say that drinking this protein is being one with nature. I love feeling connected to the earth and I appreciate that you guys are so good at focusing towards every type of individual need being vegan, soy and artificially-made free. I tried one of your protein mixes at a fair and now love it. Protein is something I need to add to my diet due to medical complications, so Thank You for making such a healthy alternative for us all! Katie Hamilton

Never thought an animation could depict such a valid testimony of health! Waiting on my first shipment of warrior blend to arrive, and already grateful to be able to ditch the whey that upsets my stomach! Ready to be a healthy warrior monkey :) CarolineCo37

I take my protein au-naturale. That is not to say I take it without wearing any clothes as that would be weird. I take Sun Warrior protein which is made without chemicals or acid hydrolysis, artificial gunk, or any of that other bad stuff. It's pure as sun light, tasty, and darn good for you. I am a Sun Warrior and you should become one too. mshah108

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